Over the Top Corporate Team Bouncing Activities for Your Next Event

Did you know that 86% of employees and executives pinpoint a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures?

One of the best ways to increase engagement, collaboration, and communication in the workplace is through fun team-building events. Too often, corporate team building activities are dry and focused on improving work-related skills.

However, giving your team a chance to unwind and have fun together is often a far more effective way to foster team bonding. And what better way to ramp up the fun factor than by adding some bounciness to the occasion?

If you’re looking to boost collaboration and communication in your corporate team in a fun way, continue reading to discover 3 over-the-top inflatable corporate team building activities for your next event.

Slam Dunk

Do you have any basketball fans in your team? If so, consider adding the Jolly Jumps Slam Dunk bouncing castle to your next corporate team-building event.

With this inflatable feature, teams get to compete at making slam dunks. Besides being a lot of fun and guaranteed to generate a lot of laughs, the soft landing surface of the Slam Dunk will ensure that no one gets hurt and has to call in sick for work the next day!

Disco Dance Competition

Are you planning a corporate team party? If so, one of the most fun team building activities has to be including a bouncy disco dance competition.

If you incorporate the Jolly Jumps Disco Dome bounce house you can make sure that no one has to take themselves too seriously on the dance floor. What’s more, what could be better suited to busting out “the snake” than an inflatable dance floor?

If you really want to get your team into the dancing spirit, you could even be pun-perfect by playing back Calvin Harris’s all-time hit, Bounce. 

Inflatable Sumo Suit Wrestling

According to reports, enhanced employee engagement can result in 41% lower absenteeism and 29% higher turnover. Results like these make investing in unusual team building activities more than worthwhile.

And what could be more unusual than holding a sumo wrestling competition for your corporate teams?

Of course, real sumo wrestling isn’t all that safe of an activity. This is why you should look into our inflatable sumo suits. Not only do inflatable sumo suits ensure that no one gets hurt, but that they are also a giant fun factor.

Who doesn’t want to see their manager decked out in a massive, ridiculous-looking inflatable sumo suit?

Ramp up the Fun Factor With These Unusual Corporate Team Building Activities

When was the last time you really enjoyed a corporate team building activity? Ditch the stuffy “trust-building” exercises and instead inject some fun into your next team event with these over-the-top ideas that will really put the bounce back into your team members’ spirits.

Here at Jolly Jumps, we have a range of adult bounce houses for hire.

Check out the rest of our adult inflatable bounce houses, and pick out one that is sure to get the party started.

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