Jumping Castle Hire Brisbane

Welcome to the ultimate destination for Brisbane Jumping Castle hire – Jolly Jumps!

Planning a kid’s birthday party or any special event can be a thrilling experience for children, but a source of stress for parents. We understand the need for a seamless and enjoyable celebration, and that’s where our expertise in jumping castle party hire comes into play.

At Jolly Jumps, we take pride in offering a diverse range of jumping castles, slides, and combos to add a magical touch to your themed parties.

Explore our extensive selection!

Perfect for smaller gatherings or backyard celebrations, our medium jumpers offer a delightful bouncing experience for younger kids.

Take your party to the next level with our large jumpers, suitable for bigger events and all ages who love a bouncing adventure.

Experience the best of both worlds with our combo units, featuring a mix of jumping areas, slides, and additional activities for all-around fun.

Elevate the excitement with our selection of inflatable games, adding a competitive and interactive element to your party.

Create an event for all ages with our adult-friendly products, ensuring that everyone can join in the festivities.

Bring the carnival atmosphere to your party with our thrilling mechanical rides, offering an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Challenge the little ones with our inflatable obstacle courses, promoting active play and friendly competition.

Add a twist to the celebration with our inflatable slides, providing a thrilling descent for kids and adults. 

Beat the heat and turn your event into a splash zone with our exciting water slides, perfect for hot Brisbane days.

Ensure even the smallest guests have a blast with our toddler-friendly inflatables, designed with safety and fun in mind.

Enhance the party atmosphere with our selection of machines, from popcorn makers to cotton candy machines, providing tasty treats for all.

Complete your party setup with our range of accessories, including tables, chairs, and decorations, for a seamless and festive environment.

Why choose Jolly Jumps?

  1. Extensive Selection: At Jolly Jumps, we boast an extensive selection of jumping castles, slides, combos, games, adult products, mechanical rides, obstacles, slides, water slides, toddlers, machines, and accessories. Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect inflatable to make your event unforgettable.

  2. Themed Experiences: Elevate your party with our themed experiences! Whether it’s a Disney Princess extravaganza, a race with Cars, a superhero-themed party with Batman and Superman, or an underwater adventure with Finding Nemo, we have the perfect inflatable jumping castle to bring your chosen theme to life. 

  3. Expert Guidance: Unsure which products suit the age group of the children attending the party? Our friendly team at Jolly Jumps is here to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that every child at the party has a blast.

  4. All-Age Entertainment: From toddler-friendly inflatables to adult products and mechanical rides, we provide all-age entertainment, making your event inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.

Safety is important to us!

Safety is our top priority when it comes to planning kids’ parties or events involving jumping castles. Rest assured, Jolly Jumps provides the latest and safest equipment on the market, all compliant with the Australian Standard 3533. Our trained staff handles the setup of all inflatables, ensuring they are safe and secure. With lite n strong™, fire-resistant vinyl, our jumping castles are not only safer but also more portable and durable.

Where to find us?

Level 9, 371 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000.

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