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Jolly Jumps

We proudly serve as the exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand for licensed inflatables from renowned brands such as Disney, Warner Bros, DreamWorks, and Sesame Workshop. With over 200 inflatables currently IN STOCK, we ensure fast delivery to meet your needs. Safety is paramount in our design and construction of Jolly Jumps. All our products are engineered and certified by registered professionals, surpassing the standards set by the Australian Standard AS.3533.4.1. Our commitment to quality is evident in the use of the finest materials, including heavy-duty reinforced vinyl, flexobar knotless netting, and extra strength thread, resulting in longevity and increased profitability. The new Lite N strong vinyl is now incorporated into all jumpers and combos. Crafted for maximum durability, Jolly Jump units feature double, triple, and quadruple stitching, along with polypropylene and nylon reinforced webbings at critical stress points. Every component is carefully engineered to ensure even air distribution throughout the unit. We go beyond providing excellent products; we offer unparalleled support to help you achieve YOUR goals. Our trained staff is dedicated to sharing insights gained from operating Jolly Jump’s rental company. Benefit from our experience as we guide you in building your own company’s success. We assist with marketing strategies, advertising, management techniques, maintenance queries, and insurance information to support your business growth. Additionally, we provide a rental contract for smooth party rental operations, and all our inflatables come with a 12-month quality workmanship guarantee.