3 Epic Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Are you stressing about organizing an upcoming teen birthday party?

According to research from the Monash University of Australia, mothers are underestimating the time and effort it takes to organize everything from scratch for their kid’s birthday parties.

Fortunately, when it comes to teen birthday party ideas, there’s a number of themes you can choose which don’t involve hours of crafting intricate party decor.

Are you ready to rock an epic party for your teen? If so, read on for 3 fun ideas that don’t require weeks of endless preparation.

1. Ramp up the Activities With a Fear Factor Theme

If you’re looking to add an exciting edge to your teen’s birthday party, why not consider doing a Fear Factor theme?

Creating a handful of Fear Factor inspired challenges is a high impact way to add oomph to the party, without requiring days of DIYing.

Here are some challenge ideas to get you started:

  • The egg challenge: prepare a batch of boiled eggs and invite party guests to crack them onto their foreheads, including some raw eggs in the mix(!)
  • Guess the item challenge: Cut a hole in a large cardboard box and fill it with unpleasant feeling items, such as hair, cold spaghetti, mashed fruit, cotton wool, etc. (guests then insert their hands and have to guess the items)
  • Eating cat food challenge: using tinned bully beef, disguise it as cat food and challenge guests to eat a spoonful

To make things more exciting, you can award points for every completed challenge. At the end of the challenges, add up the points and announce the winner.

2. Throw an Insta Party

If you’re wondering how to throw a teen birthday party for a girl, an Insta party might be a great option.

To execute the theme, set up a couple of “Insta perfect” photo op areas. You can do this with things like cloth backdrops, spray-painted boards, LED lighting, string lights, neon signs, floating confetti, sofas, etc.

To level up the fun, you can also invite guests to bring a change of clothes or even hire a freelance photographer to get those picture-perfect shots.

3. Incorporate a Bouncing House Rental

Although teens would like you to think they’re all grown up, most of them won’t pass up a chance to goof around. To get everyone in a playful happy mood, why not order a bounce house rental for your teen’s party?

Here at Jolly Jumps, we have a variety of age-appropriate bounce house rentals available, including the ever-popular Disco Dome.

Besides the fun factor, other benefits of a bounce house are that it can make for a comfy place to hang out once the jumping calms down—and adds an instant “wow” element.

Are You Looking for a Teen Birthday Party Bounce House to Rent?

If you’re in charge of organizing an upcoming teen birthday party, there are lots of fun ideas to choose from. However, one of the easiest, least time-consuming, and funniest has to a bounce house rental.

Whether you use this idea on its own with some great food thrown in, or in conjunction with an Insta or Fear Factor party, a teen birthday party bounce house will add that wow factor to the party that every teen wants.

If you’re looking to hire a bounce house for your teen’s birthday party, look no further than Jolly Jumps. We have a wide range of bounce houses, suited to every age and occasion. Check out our bounce house rentals here to get the party started!

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