Let’s Party: The 4 Best Occasions for Hiring a Jumping Castle

Did you know that most adults feel at least 20 years younger than their actual age? That’s because age is just a number!

You’re never too young to let loose and have fun like a kid.

What better way to add a little youthful joy to your next birthday party, corporate event, or even teen party than hiring a jumping castle?

The minute your guests see an oversized jumping castle like this one, they won’t be able to get their shoes off fast enough.

Keep reading to discover four of the best occasions for hiring a jumping castle and get ready to party like a kid again!

1. Birthday Parties

As you get older, birthdays tend to lose their significance. Instead of looking forward to your special day, many adults dread it.

Why not turn this depressing stereotype on its head by hiring a jumping castle for your big day?

Whether you’re turning 21, 40, or 65, we have plenty of adult products to transform your humdrum birthday bash into one filled with laughter and memories.

Our military XL option is popular among the guys and large enough to fit all your friends!

Go big or go home with this 5 in 1 Combo jumping castle that includes obstacles, a basketball hoop, and plenty of room to jump and play.

2. Hen Night

Getting married is a life-changing event. What better way to celebrate your send-off into adulthood than hiring a jumping house for your hen night?

Gather up your favourite gal pals and get ready to giggle like school girls!

If you had your heart set on dancing the night away, this Disco Dome jumping house lets you have it all.

Complete with music and lights, you can dance, jump, and party inside your own private dome all night long.

3. Corporate Events

Nothing’s worse than attending a stuffy, boring corporate event that leaves employees feeling less inspired than ever before.

Switch things up and show your staff that you know how to party by hiring a jumping house for your next corporate gathering.

Encourage a little friendly competition with an inflatable obstacle course, basketball slam dunk, or even a boxing ring!

These sumo suits are an awesome addition to any event.

4. Church Events

Church events bring visitors of all ages together. Appeal to your entire congregation by hiring a jumping house for your next event.

Children will love jumping, laughing, and playing in one of these cartoon-themed inflatables. Choose from Looney Tunes, Justice League, or even Sesame Street, depending on the age group.

We also carry smaller inflatables for toddlers that promote safe, healthy fun.

Adults are sure to get in on the action once they see the joy and happiness on their child’s face. Reach all of your followers through laughter and by appealing to their inner child.

Hiring a Jumping Castle Has Never Been Easier (or More Fun!)

Think jumping castles are just for kids? Think again!

From corporate events to birthday parties and everything in between, hiring a jumping castle adds fun and excitement to any social gathering.

We carry a wide range of inflatables including small, medium, and large castles to obstacle courses, water slides, games, and more.

There will be no shortage of fun when you contact Jolly Jumps to help plan your next party.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here and let the fun begin!

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