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As a child, not much can top the excitement and memories centred on a birthday party.

However, the feeling may not be quite the same for the adults having to plan the party. With much to consider, birthday party planning has its share of stress.

The trick is to keep things simple, but how is this possible when every parent just wants the best for their child?

For simple tips on how to plan a birthday party and create the ultimate ‘wow’ factor, this blog highlights everything you need to know!

Simple Steps on How to Plan a Birthday Party

If your little one’s birthday party is just around the corner, whether it’s their first, fifth for fiftieth, it should always be special.

Creating a little bit of ‘wow’ factor is not as difficult as you think- it’s just about keeping things simple, but doing them well!

Here are 10 simple party tips:

1. Always Choose a Theme

By the time your child is even one-year-old, they may have developed their own fixation with certain things.

Whether its a certain toy, cartoon, figurine or colour, there will always be something to base the party on.

Choosing a theme for your child’s birthday party just makes it easier for you too. This way you’ll have an automatic colour scheme and easy ideas for party decor.

The trick is to stick to one theme and do it well. Base your balloons, party food, drinks, the cake and even party favours around your theme to tie it all together.

2. Make an Effort with Entertainment

Keeping a large group of kids entertained may seem extremely daunting! So in order to add that extra ‘wow’ factor to your birthday party, entertainment is a key priority.

Ideally, you should try and combine your party entertainment with the theme you have chosen.

If you’ve planned a summer pool party based outdoors, a great idea for entertainment is jumping castle hire, a ball pit, fun inflatables, paddling pools etc.

Try and provide one or two key elements of entertainment. When there’s too much going on this can overwhelm and burn out your kids a little too quickly!

3. It’s All About the Food and Drink

Let’s be honest- it really doesn’t matter if you’re turning two or thirty-two, food and drink at any birthday celebration is a number one priority.

Catering for a large number of children can also have its pitfalls, so remember to supply a number of different choices.

Child-friendly snacks can range from pizza, sandwiches, sausage rolls, and fruit platters. Sweet treats could include an ice-cream station, fairy floss, a chocolate fountain, cupcakes etc.

The best time of day to host your party for younger children is generally mid-morning. This way you can also supply snack food for the adults in the form of simple breakfast foods, coffee, tea, and even mimosas!

4. Create a Party Plan and Stick To It

The most fail-proof way to have a successful birthday party at any age is to plan, plan and plan some more. Begin your party planning as early as possible and tick things off your list as they’re done.

Sticking to a party plan is also a great way of sticking to a budget. You can cut down on costs and keep unnecessary stress at bay.

Try and create as many elements of the birthday party before the actual day so you have a little time to enjoy the festivities too.

If you want to be uber-organized, send out personal evites to your guests and request an RSVP. This way you can keep track of exact numbers!

5. Add Your Own Personal Touch

Even if you don’t have a heap of spare time to spend on personalised party details, the effort will not go unnoticed.

Creating a personalised touch in the form of baking efforts or handmade decor will make the party feel more special to both you and your child.

6. Create Unique Party Favours

It’s always important to thank your guests for making the effort to celebrate with you and their gifts. This is where party favours come in.

A great way to leave a lasting impression is with unique party favours which kids can enjoy after the party is over.

Set up a party favour station and let the kids create their own party favours. This could be a t-shirt painting station, mug painting, face painting or creating their own lolly bags.

7. Everyone is Welcome

It’s important to remember that some children may have siblings of a similar age and not inviting them to the party could leave parents in a pickle.

This is why the sentiment ”the more the merrier” should always apply to children’s parties- within reason, of course.

Not inviting a particular child can also lead to feelings of exclusion – and nobody wants to feel excluded!

Remember to invite your child’s entire class to the party, it’s highly likely that not everyone can attend anyway.

8. Homemade Treats are Just as Good

If you’re on a bit of a tight budget but still want to add a little ”wow” to the party, baking your own treats is a great way to cut down costs.

While the icing may not be perfect or your figurines a little lop-sided, it shows that you made the effort regardless of time or budget constraints.

You can also keep things super simple with cupcakes, doughnuts and cake pops- as long as its sweet, it will go down a treat!

9. Prioritise One Special Detail

Creating the ”wow” factor for a birthday party really doesn’t have to be complicated. Pick one detail and do it well and it’s bound to make the statement you’re looking for.

Whether it’s oversized letter balloons, a flower wall backdrop for photos or homemade bunting, just pick one thing and make it amazing.

10. Keep Things Short and Sweet

Finally, a children’s birthday party that goes on too long is bound to end in disaster.

Little people tend to become overstimulated, tired and irritable rather quickly, so keep the celebrations to 1-2 hours, maximum! Make sure to state exact timings on your invite so your guests know when to start leaving.

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