8 Great Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

No, she’s not sweet 16 yet. But every year she draws closer to this milestone, your heart is pulled in two directions.

On the one hand, your heart breaks because you realise that your baby girl is no longer a baby. On the other hand, you’re elated to see her develop into her own beautiful self.

Yes, her upcoming birthday is bittersweet for you. But it’s ultra sweet for her — so it’s best that you give her a birthday bash that will surpass her wildest dreams.

Here’s a rundown on eight great birthday party ideas for girls that will make the day stand out for your little princess.

Let’s get started!

1. Birthday Party Ideas for Girls Include “Brave” Theme

If your daughter loves the film “Brave,” why not create a whimsical party that will tickle the fancy of your daughter’s rebel-princess side?

With the right tools, your daughter and her friends can feel as though they are in an enchanting forest — the same kind that Merida experiences during her one-of-a-kind adventure.

For instance, you can purchase artificial tree stumps and moss for displaying the food. Then, be sure to add to the mix a delectable cake and games/activities that are gender neutral.

Your daughter and her partygoers can do some archery and some haggis hurling, or each girl could even create a coat of arms. These aren’t your typical birthday party activities, so your group of little girls won’t soon forget them.

2. Birthday Bash Under the Sea

If your daughter loves everything about the ocean — or at least “The Little Mermaid” — this couldn’t be a more fitting party theme.

It doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy everything Ariel, Sebastian, Scuttle, and Ursula. No, it simply means you can create an unforgettable water world for your baby girl.

For instance, buy or assemble gorgeous decorations in blue and mint shades. And, of course, add in some yummy sea-themed treats, like sand dollar cookies.

Also, create an out-of-this-world bubble show to truly make a big splash with your group of girls.

3. A Birthday for Sleeping Beauty

Out of all of the Disney-inspired birthday bashes you’ve seen, you probably haven’t seen many — or any — inspired by Sleeping Beauty, also known as Princess Aurora or Briar Rose.

So, if you want your daughter’s next birthday bash to stand out, use this classic Disney princess as inspiration for her party. For example, present sweets that have been topped with roses, and introduce the type of regal cake that every princess deserves.

You could even allow your partygoers to create their own tutus as part of the celebration. And just for fun, be sure to add a sign that says “No Sleeping Allowed” — the girls will get a kick out of it.

4. Teacup Party

For a refined little girl who was into the 2018 royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, you can’t go wrong with a teacup party theme.

For starters, introduce decor that features soft oranges and pinks. Then, incorporate teacup designs in your daughter’s birthday cake, and use real cups to hold beautiful flowers on your main event table. Pom garland is another excellent decorative item to have at the party.

Each of your girls could also receive a tutu and a tulle wand. You could even have the girls paint their own teacups to take home so that they can “have tea” and feel like a bonafide princess every day thereafter.

5. Heart and Rainbow Party

If your daughter is like many other girls, she loves two things: hearts and rainbows. Lots of them.

To give her the party of her dreams, include sweet treats like a cake that features rainbows both on the inside and on the outside. Dot the party area with heart-shaped balloons. And don’t forget the rainbow-colored beverages.

Also, just so that your partygoers know without a doubt that they’ve arrived at the right place, line your driveway with rainbow pinwheels. And have the girls make their own rainbow-colored pasta necklaces that they can take home with them.

6. Country Fair Party

If going to the country fair every year is a big deal in your house, why not bring the fair to your house for your daughter’s birthday?

To start off, place beautiful wildflower arrangements around the party area. And serve up homemade cakes and pies.

Of course, don’t forget the fun fair games, too — like sack races and ring toss.

This party theme is one that can be simple and inexpensive to execute while giving your girls something to rave about for months following the shindig.

7. Pony Party

If your girlie girl loves ponies, you could throw her a my little pony bash featuring plenty of satin, pink decorations and lace. Be sure to add some pinwheels and a saddle load of lovely and delicious pastel desserts as well.

And to take things over the edge, have real ponies stop by to give your guests the rides of their lives.

8. Barnyard Bash

A barnyard-inspired bash is perfect for any country girl — or a city girl who is mesmerised by the beauty of country living.

The goal is to have a farm theme but make it girlie. You can achieve this by incorporating pastel colors and sunflowers into your event.

Then, bring on games that your girls will love — for instance, the classic Bob for Apples or even Duck, Duck, Goose! Even a mechanical bull may be fun for the girls to try for the first time.

These activities will keep your girls laughing and burning off that extra energy for hours on end.

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