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kids jumping on inflatable bouncy castle


Are you looking to blow things out at your next big event? Do you want to turn heads, make people laugh, and say, “Did she really bring in a jumping castle?”

Well, if you’re looking to make a splash, we have five solid reasons why you’re on the right track. This is something that’s fun for the little kids and the big kids (and, by that, we mean the adults).

All the best bouncy houses can be tailored to fit any theme, whether you have a bunch of superheroes on your hands or Hello Kitty enthusiasts.

Get ready to let your hair down (or maybe tie it up) and punch up the fun at your next party. Here are five reasons why you’ll be oh-so-glad you did.

1. Easy Entertainment

Raise your hand if you’ve ever jumped on a mattress and giggled with laughter. To no surprise, jumping around in something the size of a small castle provides endless hours of fun.

When placed in a children’s party, you won’t have to wonder if they’re being entertained or having any fun. The giggles will float through the air; you’ll know where everyone is at all times and be glad to know they’re having a ball.

2. There’s a Theme for Everyone

Most jumping castles (or jumpers) come with their very own theme. If this is for a child’s party, there’s probably something out there for whatever they’re into these days.

Would they smile from ear to ear at a Looney Tunes jumper? Or how about something fashioned in the shape of a military truck? If you select a Justice League jumper, there’s sure to be someone on there for everyone to unite with.

3. Even the Adults Get on Board

Don’t be surprised to see an “Adult Products” tab as you surf the web for your next bounce house. Adults love to kick their shoes off and act silly for a little while, too!

(After all, it’s not just the kiddos who will sneak in a jump on the mattress when no one’s looking.)

Typically, you won’t see just jumpers on the adults’ tab. You may also find basketball hoops, boxing rings, sticky walls, and sumo suits.

Wait until you feel the thrill of jumping through the air, only to remain suspended because you stuck to the wall. (We recommend you set all margaritas to the side before attempting this feat.)

4. Combos Are Easy to Find

If you know there are going to be a lot of kiddos at your upcoming party, you might want to look at some of the combo castles out there.

They continue on with great themes, like Spongebob Squarepants, Hello Kitty, Scooby-Doo, and more. But, combo castles can also come with basketball hoops and slides. It spreads out the fun for everyone and makes twice the splash.

5. They’re Great Exercise

Okay, no one’s really thinking about calories at a party. Bring on the cupcakes, cake, pretzels, and chips. Still, it doesn’t take away the fact that jumpers are great exercise.

Once everyone’s food (or margarita) has settled, a little bit of time spent in the jumper can work up the appetite again. And, at the end of the night, don’t be surprised if the parents let the kids go for one more round of fun to ensure they’re sufficiently tired before the day’s end.

A Jumping Castle for Every Occasion

And there you have it! A jumping castle can easily fit into any occasion. Whether you have a kiddo that worships the Justice League or a fun group of adults who love to let their hair down, there’s a jumper out there that will elevate your party to new heights.

If you live in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, we guarantee we have the castle for your next soirée. Allow us to fill your day with excitement, joy, and laughter.

We welcome you to make a Quick Enquiry today or call us. We’ll walk you through our entire product line and help you hone in on just the right centrepiece to make your time together with loved ones a total blast.

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