What sort of feeling does the phrase “corporate event” evoke? For some employees, they wonder if they have to attend. Others relish the idea of a little fun outside the office doors.

If you’re on the hunt for party entertainment ideas, we have three unique suggestions that will help you prime the pump. Why not allow co-workers and friends to make lasting memories together?

There’s no rulebook that says corporate events can only include cocktail napkins and refined music. In fact, the best corporate events allow hard-working employees to let their hair down a little, invite whomever they wish, and actually leave them wishing for more.

1. Cooking Class

Offices are known for hosting icebreakers from time to time. We’ve all been engaged in one of those moments at the start of a large meeting or the formation of a new department. They can be a bit awkward because they’re not really natural.

Hosting a cooking class where friends and colleagues can literally get their hands dirty, engage in an activity, and learn something new, however, is a wonderful way to bring people together and encourage a few laughs.

2. Outdoor Screening

Depending on your location, it might be nice to create a cinema under the stars at the end of a lovely day. If you’re able to get your hands on a yet-to-be-release film, that would be exciting.

Or, you could go classic and screen an old black and white that might appeal to the men and the women. This is the perfect way to make use of the open bar, allow everyone to nibble on some snacks (like freshly made popcorn), and have something to chat about thereafter.

3. Kidult Play

Let’s return to the notion that people can let their hair down at corporate parties. How many corporate events have you been to with a mechanical bull? We’d say that’s one for the ages.

Depending on the attire (or, perhaps, this will be predominantly for the men), folks will flock around the ring whenever someone rolls up their sleeves and hops on for a spin.

If there was any doubt about a classic film sparking conversation, it’s pretty certain the sight of co-workers being tossed off a mechanical bull will seal the deal!

Party Entertainment Ideas for the Ages

And there you have it! With heavy appetisers, a fully stocked bar, engaging activities, and a little bit of light-hearted fun and games, you could make your next corporate event something to look forward to!

We hope these party entertainment ideas will serve you and your company well. Why not reward your employees who work so hard, year-round. Perhaps you can even make this a bi-annual or quarterly occasion!

If this turns into the kind of event where children join their parents, we invite you to check out our wide range of combination jumping castles where the kids can play all day!

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